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About Us

We are where faith and athletics meet. To go beyond the game of football. Take the experiences that come with athletics and some unique to football and use these to mentor and train young Christian men in how to live the rest of their lives...we are trying to use football as a tool to train young men for adult life!

Serve - Honor - Lead

◾To provide an opportunity for kids who don't have a football team
◾To provide a Godly environment for football
◾Disciple-building coaches with a positive coaching style
◾High intensity football played with honor…for the Lord and our opponents
◾Disciple young men daily in the Scriptures during the football experience
◾Develop players for the next level – in Football and Life

The Christian Athletic League of America is committed to providing the best all around athletic experience. We will provide great coaching so players learn the best technique and strategy in a positive and enthusiastic environment; offering strong competition, the best of the game itself without the negative aspects that has become youth sports in America.
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HISTORY CALA came to be from a number of factors. Aware of some of the struggles small Christian schools face...many students leave Christian education to go to public school for the chance to play football. In addition, knowing terrific athletes that happened to be home-schooled without an opportunity to play football due to current Michigan laws prohibiting them from playing sports at their local public school. Through counseling with others and times of prayer God made it clear the need for this league.
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SPIRITUAL FOCUS Spiritual focus was always going to make us different...we teach how to play football in a God honoring way. Our original motto 'BUILDING LEADERS AND SERVANTS THROUGH THE GAME OF FOOTBALL' has since been condensed to, 'SERVE, HONOR, LEAD'. In today's world of athletics, the prevailing emphasis on winning has developed into a belief that win at all costs is the norm. At CALA we accept winning on the field only as a product of serving our Lord with excellence in everything we do...from the weight room to the training room our athletes are expected to give of the themselves in a way to honor God.
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Our vision is to simply provide an atmosphere where youth can participate in athletics in a way that has escaped our society. Play hard, play by the rules, respect your opponent and remember there is no 'I' in team.
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What We Do

We provide our clubs with everything they need to be successful. The league purchases and maintains player equipment, rents stadiums, provides liability insurance, handles grievances, educates coaches, manages essence we provide everything necessary for the game day experience. Beyond these items we assist teams in fundraisers, promote the league and its member clubs in all forms of media, offer discount purchasing opportunities for additional equipment not provided by the league and organize multi-state tournaments and events designed to integrate our teams with teams from other leagues and states.